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吼~~ OPTUS 又要delay!! 而且只有台灣會delay!! 是怎樣?

The Official Michael Jackson Opus Delivery Update 22.12.09

Dear customer,

Opus Media Group are very sorry to report that extreme circumstances beyond our control have caused delays in the delivery of The Official Michael Jackson Opus to a small minority of locations. We have received orders from over 100 countries for this epic celebration of Michael's life and every possible effort has been made to ensure that orders placed before December 1 would reach customers wherever they are around the globe in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately, despite the constant intense efforts of our distribution team to resolve issues with shipping and customs intervention, orders placed by customers in Taiwan will now not be delivered until between Christmas and New Year.

Everyone involved in the production of this definitive celebration of Michael's life are extremely frustrated that issues beyond our control are now delaying delivery of your Opus. As you may know, just weeks before Michael's untimely death, we were planning to work with him to create an Opus on his forthcoming 'This Is It' O2 residency. Following his passing, we were determined instead to create an exceptional tribute befitting the undisputed King of Pop for his millions of fans. To this end, our editorial, design, photographic research, reproduction and printing teams spread across three continents worked day and night to meet rigorous deadlines and produce the ultimate book on Michael Jackson. Having met all our deadlines, and received overwhelming praise for the Opus from customers who have received their copies, the delays to some customers are even more exasperating for us.
每位參與這份為麥可人生最後慶祝之巨著的工作人員對這個超出我們控制的延遲出貨都無比的挫折。就如您所知,就在麥可倉卒離世的幾個星期前,我們正計畫為他即將到來的"This is it" O2體育場的排演跟他合作創造一份著作。隨著他的逝世,我們決定改以創作一份特殊的禮物來造福這位實至名歸的流行音樂之王所擁有的數百萬的歌迷。為了這個目的,我們的編輯、設計、攝影研究、出版印刷團隊橫跨三大洲,日以既夜的工作來達成這個嚴苛的截止期限,努力來產出這份Michael Jackson的終極書刊。 我們已經在目標期限前達成目標,也從收到此份Opus的客戶中收到對我們全面性的贊許,因此某些客戶的延遲狀況更令我們惱怒。

We are very aware that this is an upsetting situation for our customers and would like to offer something unique to you as a means of going some way to make up for the delay to your copy being delivered before Christmas. Every customer from Taiwan will receive a limited edition art print created by Nate Giorgio (one of Michael’s favourite artists and a significant contributor to the Opus). This unique print has already been commissioned and will not be available for sale, this will be uniquely distributed to you and embellished with the colours of the Taiwan flag. the limited edition art print of Michael Jackson by Nate is a true one off and collectors piece. These will be posted individually to you in the New Year. In addition Opus Media Group will offer every Taiwanese customer the right to a 20% discount off any Opus that we have produced or will produce in the future. Clearly we would have liked that you received your Opus prior to Christmas. That was always our goal. But we hope that you will accept the small gestures of goodwill as some way to making good this current delayed situation.
我們知道這對我們的客戶是一個令人非常不悅的情況,因此我們想要提供一些特殊的禮物,當作是對於我們承諾 "會在耶誕節前到貨卻延遲的狀況" 能夠有些許的補償。每位台灣的客戶將會收到一份由Nate Giorgio創作的限量出版藝術印刷品(Nate Giorgio是麥可最喜愛的藝術家之一,也是一位對Opus有意義的貢獻者)。這份特殊的印刷品已經委託於我們且將不會被販售,這將會是一份特別分類贈與您的禮物,並且我們將台灣的彩色國旗圖案裝飾於印刷品上方。這份由Nate創作的Michael Jackson限量發行的藝術印刷品是一份真正的值得收藏的珍品。這份珍藏品會在新年期間獨立的郵寄給各位。另外,Opus媒體集團將會提供每位台灣客戶20%的折扣權利,而這項折扣可以適用於所有Opus產品(包含未來將會生產的產品)。明確的說,我們希望您能在耶誕節之前收到您的Opus。這也一直是我們所努力的目標。但我們希望您能接受這對於現階段會造成的"延遲狀況"所作的小小善意的補償。

Once again, we thank you for you patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are doing everything in our power to rectify distribution issues and we trust that you will be thrilled with The Official Michael Jackson Opus when you receive it.
再一次的,我們感協您的耐心,也為造成此次的不便跟您道歉。我們會盡所有的努力來改善這次的運送事件,我們相信當您收到您的『The Official Michael Jackson Opus 』時一定會非常興奮。

Yours sincerely,

Andy Clay

Publishing Director

Opus Media Group.

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